Steam Powered Dinghy “Henry”

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Marten, Howes & Baylis

Right; Unit showing ceramic burner.

Left; MHB boiler and firebox with Anton ‘Quartz’ engine. This engine is a twin cylinder, double acting piston valve unit of 8mm bore x 9mm stroke. It requires one servo for forward, reverse and throttle.

The steam plant is supplied fully assembled and ready to install. The boiler is of all copper hard soldered construction, hydraulically and steam tested. The refillable gas tank is made from brass and is also hydraulically tested. The firebox is constructed from aluminium and is hard anodised and contains the oil separator tanks.

‘Henry’ steam unit with Anton ‘Quartz Vintage’ engine. This engine has the same bore and stroke as the standard ‘Quartz’, but differs in having a crankshaft machined from the solid and split bearings for the connecting rods.

‘Henry’ steam unit with Typhoon Motors ‘TM1’ engine.