Steam Powered Dinghy “Henry”

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Marten, Howes & Baylis

Ready made steam unit with Anton “Quartz” engine in place.

Right: Rear deck removed showing rudder servo and control arm. The specially designed slider comes with the kit.

Left: Handed brass fairleads and central bitt. Fittings are solid brass castings and require only light finishing. The deck is constructed from lime and pear planks on a ply base, caulked with black card and sealed. The aft removable deck is planked in the same way.

Left: Bow view showing flared brass funnel. The benches are from pre-cut pear ply.

Right: General view including pre-cut building stand which is used with other pre-cut ply parts to hold the hull moulding during construction and can be used to display the completed model or as a template for the builder’s own stand.

Left: Rudder with machined brass pintles, gudgeons and cast brass skeg. The rudder and yoke are constructed from five pieces of solid pre-cut pear. The rudder has an aluminium base plate and the 50mm propeller is solid brass.

Henry steam plant with Typhoon Motors TM1 with reverse, fitted to MHB boiler unit. The ‘TM1’ is a single cylinder double acting unit, 12mm bore x 10mm stroke. It is fitted with a reversing lever and requires one servo for forward, reverse and throttle. The reversing/throttle servo is concealed in right hand coal box.