Steam Powered Dinghy “Henry”

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Marten, Howes & Baylis

The hull is a fibreglass moulding. The keel is constructed from three pre-cut layers of 3 mm beech with three layers of pre-cut pear at the stem. The interior planking is from 1.5mm pre-cut styrene sheet. The ribs and risings are in styrene strip. The gratings are assembled from 3.5mm x 3.5mm pre-cut lime. The decks and bottom boards are cut from 1.5mm lime.

Marten, Howes & Baylis steam plant for the ‘Henry’ with Anton ‘Quartz’ engine.

General interior view showing methods of construction

Various sizes of pear, lime and spruce strip are provided. The fairleads and skeg are brass castings. The bitts are pre-machined from beech. The rudder gudgeons and pintles are machined brass. Stainless steel bolts and washers and brass ferrules are provided. The transom and sheerstrakes are from 1.5mm pear ply, pre-cut ready to bond to the hull. The keel is formed from pieces of pre-cut beech pre- machined to take the 6mm propeller shaft. The stem is from three pieces of 3mm pear laminated to the keel.