Fast Steam Launch “Project X”

This model is our vision for a 50 foot fast commuter launch and day boat of the early 1900s for use on inland waters. It is not based on any particular prototype. This project started as the 10th kit we have designed and has remained as ‘Project X’

Scale - 1:12

Length overall - 50 inches / 1270mm

Beam 7” (178mm)

Draught - hull only = 2.125 inches/54mm

Max draught = 4.25 inches / 108mm

Minimum freeboard = 2.85inches / 72mm

Displacement = 12 lbs / 5.4 kgs

Displacement without steam plant = 6 lbs / 2.7 kgs

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Marten & Howes reserve the right to alter the design and specification without prior notice.

The kit is supplied without the steam unit. The kit contains all the parts and fittings to construct the model, including the fibreglass hull moulding and running gear, a general arrangement drawing and building instructions with colour illustrations. Also included in the instructions are identification drawings for the pre-cut parts. These are not to scale. The kit does not include glues, paint or varnish, or the radio control. Other steam units can be fitted by the builder provided they do not exceed the weights shown on the the general arrangement drawing and their position do not interfere with the trim of the model.

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